Membership Application



To promote and expand the membership of the Cape Coral Republican Club (CCRC), in support  of the CCRC VISION statement, for the betterment and well being of all Cape Coral Citizens.

Therefore, as committee members, it is our responsibility to develop effective membership promotion programs, that will foster this outcome. There is the one proven, effective method of membership growth, which is the; “One on one” method of simply explaining our Vision and Goals to a person and asking that person to join the CCRC.

We encourage all CCRC members to assist and participate in this process and programs, as this effort will not only help to ensure the CCRC Membership growth, but will also encourage other citizens of Cape Coral to be a part of our commitment to revitalize our City with good government and to project the values of the Republican Party!

Our  membership application is available to download from the CCRC website: , by clicking on the “Membership Application” navigation button. This application is also to be used by current members for renewal. Membership is open to Registered Republicans.

The dues fiscal year is January 1st through December 31. However, our By-Laws also provide for;  “NEW MEMBERS  joining after August 1st of any year shall receive dues credit for the following year.”




2014          Cape Coral Republican Club     2014

Membership Application

P.O. Box 100996

Cape Coral, FL 33910-0996

Date: _____________________

Name: __________________________________________________________________________________


Street __________________________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________________ State __________________ Zip____________________

Telephone Home: ____ ____________________ Cell: ___________________ Wk:____________________

Fax: _____________________ E-mail:________________________________________________________

I am a Registered Republican: Name: _________________________________________________________

(Signature):_____________________________________________Date signed:________________________

Date of Birth ____________________or, voter registration number___________________________________

Membership Dues: New _______ Renewing _______

Make checks payable to: Cape Coral Republican Club

                                                       Individual ($20 P.P.)        _______

     Commercial ($30 P.P.)     _______                                                        

     Donation                           _______

                                                        Total                                _______

Are you a member of the Lee County Republican Executive Committee? Yes _____No _____

If yes what is your Precinct# __________.

If not, are you interested in becoming one?  Yes ______ No ______

U.S. Military service?  Yes _________No___________ Branch: ______________________________________

I would be willing to serve on the following committee (s) when enacted:

PLEASE check only those in which you definitely would help and can be available for)

Govt. Oversight ______Public Relations ______Membership ______Commercial  ______Get-Out-Vote ______

Events________ Other please specify:____________________________________________________________